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Vodafone AU Coverage Checker 2011

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The Vodafone Coverage Checker allowed users to see the level of coverage they had on a map and therefore whether or not they could make phone calls, send SMS and access the internet. A plan to make new customers in-store to be made aware of their coverage when they signed up was put into action. One of the main challenges was to enrich the Public Coverage Maps with more information without causing cognitive load on the user. The in-store Coverage Checker detailed much more information like outages, device capabilities and more levels of data bandwidth that was available in that particular area.

This would mean that the customer might understand the network constraints by:

Device type

“Does my phone even get the internet? What does 3G mean?”


“Isn’t my mobile signal stronger indoors than outside? What if I am in a car? “

Time of day

“Why can’t … Read More »


Posted on June 1st, by coco in Mobility design, UI, UX, Web design. Comments Off on Oztips is Australia’s largest provider of online sports and entertainment tipping management services with roughly 520k users. When Yahoo!7 acquired this, my role was as a User Experience Designer to find out who the users were and what they tended to do on the website. By organising and facilitating internal workshops, I was able to prioritise the more common usage patterns and design the information architecture and experience accordingly. This was followed by high fidelity designs and reviewing the brand designs by other designers.

Between The Lines

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Design of Between The Lines, a community for young people to discuss and debate issues relating to drugs with others and find information and help, which ultimately informs and reduces problematic use.

Between The Lines was selected as an Official Honoree for the Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit category in The 14th Annual Webby Awards. The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered that exhibits remarkable achievement. With nearly 10,000 entries received from over 60 countries, this was an outstanding accomplishment.

Through social media channels such as Blog topics, an online peer community is created that provides an ongoing, stimulating conversation. Also through use of Innovative technology such as the Drug Facts visualiser, users are engaged in an interactive way that makes it easy for young people to understand and make informed and safe choices about their drug-taking behaviour.

Now What

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Art direction, illustration and design of Now What, a website dedicated to to assist young people in dealing with their own or a family / friend’s cancer diagnosis.

Designing in an Agile environment
This project put the design process typically found in a waterfall-type process into an Agile process environment that software and web developers use to produce software and websites. Specifically, the design of the website did not take a ‘head-to-toe’ approach that normally starts with a variety of home page designs based on user research, but instead built the ‘bones’ structure first as according to user-needed functions and then start to fill in the necessary pieces such as muscle, and skin last.

Macquarie Group

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Art direction and design on behalf of Profero has evolved this 3 year joint project with Different into a very well considered piece for the Macquarie Group (formerly known as Macquarie Bank).

Vivacity 09

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The Vivacity 09 website, designed for Community Engine wins an honoree for the 2009 Webby Awards. Based upon a calendar highlighting the current day events, it allowed user to browse back and forth and filter for certain types of events.


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Banzai is a sports aggregator website created for Yahoo!7 that aims to allow other sports websites to feed into this portal. Users will find content easy to digest, follow and stay informed on the sport that is important to them.

Banzai gives them a “home base” where they can easily keep up with weather conditions, events, results , news, and organisations central to the enjoyment of their sport.

Plus, they can choose to get updates on topics they want to follow and share their own perspective on articles, videos, or even local restaurants…all from one convenient place.

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General Assembly – Personas Bootcamp

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